AerosoLess™ Respiratory Products

Treating patients with shortness of breath while keeping our medical workers safer.

AerosoLess™ FILTERED SafetyNeb™ Mask

  • FDA listed Class I mask
  • fitted with low airflow resistance viral/bacterial exhalation filters

The patent-pending AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Mask is a safer method for aerosol delivery. The mask has water-resistant viral filters designed to prevent exhaled pathogens from endangering Healthcare Workers. In addition, thanks to its patent-pending faceplate, it creates a CPAP-like tight seal with the patient’s face and significantly improves patient oxygenation.

Please note that the SafetyNeb™ Mask is compatible with most jet nebulizers and with vibrating mesh nebulizers

Aerosoless Medical Faceplate

AerosoLess™ FILTERED SafetyNeb™ Mask

Both the AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Mask and Oxygen Non-Rebreather Mask include our patent-pending faceplate that optimizes the fit on the patient’s face thereby further substantially reducing the release of aerosolized particles into the surrounding atmosphere. This carefully engineered faceplate transforms a universal mask into a mask optimized for the individual patient by contouring to the individual’s facial features.

Innovative Aerosoless Nebulizer Mask

AerosoLess™ FILTERED SafetyO2 Non-Rebreather Mask

  • FDA listed Class I mask
  • fitted with low airflow resistance viral/bacterial exhalation filters

The AerosoLess™ Oxygen Non-Rebreather Mask is fitted with air filtration media designed for the removal of sub-micron particles, viruses, and bacteria from airstreams. It has a check valve to maximize oxygen concentration in the mask while allowing filtered ventilation. This patent-pending design maximizes oxygen delivery while significantly reducing environmental aerosolization.​

Click to watch a video comparing regular aerosol generating nebulizer mask with the AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Mask demonstrated with green-laser light.

Particularly Important in Confined Spaces

The AerosoLess™ line of medical products is designed to contain patients’ aerosols within their mask, in what we call their own “INvironment”.

It therefore minimizes the effect on the environment of any harmful pathogens they may expel.


An aerosol is a fine mist suspended in the air.

Bioaerosols are aerosols that contain bacteria or viruses.

No, but healthcare personnel need to be wary of bioaerosols, and some medical aerosols can also potentially harm healthcare workers (depending on the medication).

Testing at Nelson Labs (a leading global provider of laboratory testing) showed the filtration efficiency of the filter material to be over 99.99% for both bacterial and viral particles.

The SafetyNeb™ Mask is compatible with most jet nebulizers as well as with vibrating mesh nebulizers and hand-actuated nebulizers.  It is not compatible with breath-actuated nebulizers.

No, a BAN is designed for maximizing medication delivery and minimizing its wastage due to fugitive emissions. Therefore BANs produce less medical aerosols, but they are not designed to filter out bioaerosols. 


The SafetyNeb™ Mask is designed to form a tight seal with the patient’s face, as well as to use filters to prevent the release of harmful particles from the patient’s exhaled breath and cough.

In contrast, when handheld nebulizers are used, the patient’s exhaled breath often bypasses these filters.

This is especially concerning when the patient coughs.

Yes, regular facemask nebulizers typically lose about 45% of the intended medication into the environment.

The SafetyNeb™ Mask delivers practically all the intended medication to the patient.

SafetyNeb Nebulizer Mask is the Winner of 2021 EMS World Innovation Awards

At AerosoLess™ Medical we confront challenges by creating solutions specifically designed with the Safety of healthcare professionals in mind.