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AerosoLess™ Scopemasks

Newest Procedural Product Keeping Healthcare Providers Safer

With this affordable and disposable mask, ENTs, Gastroenterologists and Pulmonologists can finally, more safely perform necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures. Noteworthy features of this patent-pending mask include the following: 

  • The attachment method by which it fits tightly, yet comfortably to the patient’s face.
  • It has a specially engineered port which seals around the instrument when inserted through the mask.
  • Full maneuverability of the instruments without compromising the sites of attachment to the patient’s face
  • A clear unobstructed view of the patient’s nose and mouth.
  • Ability to administer oxygen via nasal cannula
  • Ability to monitor end tidal CO2.
  • The mask is fitted with air filtration media designed for the removal of sub-micron particles, viruses, and bacteria from airstreams. These filters allow patients to breathe comfortably while greatly reducing the risk of environmental contamination.

Click to watch a video describing the benefits of the innovative Scopemask by AerosoLess™ Medical.

Scopemasks currently available:

AerosoLess™ Sinus Scopemask:

For sinus endoscopy and procedures.
  • Diagnostic Scopemask with 1 port
  • Procedural Scopemask with 2 ports

AerosoLess™ EGD Mask

  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy

AerosoLess™ Bronch Scopemask

  • Bronchoscopy

AerosoLess™ TEE Scopemask

  • Transesophageal echocardiogram

At AerosoLess™ Medical we confront challenges by creating solutions specifically designed with the Safety of healthcare professionals in mind.