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Podcast Interviews​

Medic2Medic Podcast – Episode 249
Dr. Paul Louis is making his second visit to the Medic2Medic podcast, providing an update on the SafetyNeb mask

EMS Today – Episode 216
AerosoLess™ Medical introducing their new revolutionary face mask allowing medical personnel provide nebulized treatments targeted directly into the patient’s lungs.

Medic2Medic Podcast – Episode 216
Interview with Dr. Paul Louis, co-founder of AerosoLess™ Medical.

EMS Office Hours
Interview with Dr. Paul Louis from about their new device helping healthcare professionals stay safe during the pandemic.

Research & Studies

Safer Delivery of Aerosolized Medications When Dealing With COVID-19   and ther Contagious Airbone Viruses

Infection Control Precautions for Aerosol-Generating Procedures on Patients who have Suspected Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Investigation of the Quantity of Exhaled Aerosols Released into the Environment during Nebulisation

Controlling Potentially Infectious Fugitive BioAerosol Emissions During Nebulizer Treatments

Article Coverage

(Journal of Emergency Medical Services)

Respiratory Therapy 
Vol 16 No. 2, Spring 2021 
Pages 43, 44, 56 & 64

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At AerosoLess™ Medical we confront challenges by creating solutions specifically designed with the Safety of healthcare professionals in mind.