Are your nebulizer filters working safely? Nebulize safer!

Are you giving nebulized treatments in a way that’s safe for your patient and yourself too? Remember, in order for you to filter patient’s exhaled breath properly, the filters need to be actually put to work!  

Why the standard nebulizers aren't as safe as we thought?

The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered many safety issues related to the delivery of patient care. Probably been one of the biggest safety issue became aerosol-generating procedures. Nebulization in particular. As a result, many hospitals needed to rethink how they can nebulize patients in a way that keeps their frontline workers safer.

Safer nebulizing with Aerosoless™ Medical

At Aerosoless Medical, we decided to confront the challenge by creating a solution specifically designed with the safety of healthcare professionals in mind. That’s why our line of medical products is specifically designed to contain patients’ aerosols inside of their mask, in what we call their own “INvironment”. It therefore minimizes the risk of potentially harmful aerosols escaping into the surrounding environment and endangering you, the healthcare provider.

Introducing the patent-pending SafetyNeb™ nebulizer mask

Our innovative SafetyNeb™ Mask is fitted with water-resistant air-filtration media designed for the removal of sub-micron particles, viruses, and bacteria from airstreams over the vent holes which have been expanded to increase the surface area for ventilation.

Filtered AerosoLess Nebulizer Mask Technology

The AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ is the only nebulizer mask that comes with a patent-pending faceplate that optimizes the fit on the patient’s face thereby providing an additional substantial reduction in aerosolization of particles. This carefully engineered faceplate transforms a universal mask into a mask, creating a CPAP-like seal catered specifically for the individual patient by contouring to the individual’s facial features.

The AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ filtered nebulizer mask are finally a solution to treating patients with shortness of breath during a respiratory pandemic.

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