AerosoLess™ Technology

Making healthcare personnel safer than ever before, during pandemic & beyond.

Safer Respiratory Products

The patent-pending AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Mask is a safer method for aerosol delivery. The mask has water-resistant viral filters designed to prevent exhaled pathogens from endangering Healthcare Workers. In addition, thanks to the patent-pending faceplate, it creates a CPAP-like tight seal with the patient’s face and significantly improves patient oxygenation

Filtered AerosoLess Nebulizer Mask Technology
AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Other Devices
Viral Filters No Viral Filters
Mask Tightly Seals to Face Generic Fit, Poor Seal
CPAP-Like Effect No CPAP-Like Effect
Compact Unit Cumbersome Multipiece Units
Requires Minimal Patient Compliance Requires Maximal Patient Compliance
Designed for Pathogen Control Not Designed for Pathogen Control
Cost Effective
(Fraction of the Cost of MDI/Spacer)
MDI/Spacer and CPAP Mask w/ Viral Filters
Are Expensive Alternatives
The SafetyNeb™ Mask provides the following benefits:
  1. Prevents the escape of harmful pathogens the patient might exhale.
  2. Provides a CPAP-like seal with the patient’s face.
  3. No loss of medication due to fugitive emissions.
  4. Significantly improves the delivery of aerosolized medications.
Other nebulizers and non-rebreathers come with poorly sealing masks or handheld mouthpieces requiring constant effort and vigilance in order to avoid the leakage of pathogens. Since nebulized medications often trigger coughing reflexes, this greatly increases the risk of contaminating the environment with the patient’s pathogens, especially in confined spaces.  
Our AerosoLess™ Filters
Independent testing has confirmed the material in our Mask Filters to have > 99.99% filtration efficiency against harmful bacteria and viruses, while providing low airflow resistance for easier breathing.

Standard Nebulizer Mask Under Green Light Laser

Viewed using a green light laser, aerosols pouring into the environment are clearly visible. These medical aerosols give free flight to bioaerosols and can infect people in the nearby environment. The aerosols can remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours.

AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Mask with Viral Filters Prevent Fugitive Particle Emissions.

The AerosoLess™ SafetyNeb™ Filtered Mask filters all visible aerosols (when sealed properly), finally providing a solution to treating patients with shortness of breath during a respiratory pandemic.

The AerosoLess™ line of medical products is designed to contain patients' aerosols within their mask, in what we call their own "INvironment".